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Tessa Kiros bravissima e delicata food writer internazionale, si racconta in questa intervista esclusiva rilasciata al Galateo di Madame Eleonora. 

Hi Tessa, your books are such a joy to read!

-You’re married and have two children, do you ever find it a challenge to balance your career and family?

Sometimes I do find it a challenge yes, but I would never change it. That’s the biggest joy of it for me. I include my family in everything. Tasting the recipes, travel…..they are an incredible help and so much a part of it all.

-I know that you live near Siena, what do you love most about Italy?

-I love that Italians appreciate what has been given to them, – nature, the weather, traditions….

-What’s your secret recipe for success?

Be honest. True to yourself

-Are your daughters interested in cooking at all?

 Yes they like to get involved in the cooking. One more than the other. They both appreciate good food.

-What do you think of the future of food education or the importance of combating obesity in children?

I think this should be introduced as a proper subject at school – not just a project now and then. They should be taught seasonal food, where it comes from, how to grow your own vegetables, how to shop at a market, how to cook, how to put a meal together, lay the table. What goes with what. Also – they should be taught to have less fast foods, and how to prepare tasty nutritious quick food. And exercise should be seen as a priority.

– What’s your ultimate comfort food?

 I love many things. A huge bowl of salad makes me happy. So does ice cream, caramel sauce.

– What was the inspiration behind ”Food from many greek kitchens”?

The inspiration comes from my fathers side. And all the summers I have spent in Greece.

-How does it differ from your previous books?

 It concentrates on Greece, on the people, their way of cooking and presenting a meal. I think greek food is a very strong cuisine.

-You are able to combine absolutely gorgeous design with professional and successful recipes,are you working on another book currently?

I have just finished a book – it will be out in october this year. ‘Limoncello & Linen water’. It is a beautifully feminine book, mainly Italian – sometimes with a twist. I am about to start on another book.

– Tessa do you like my site? What do you think about “Il Galateo di Madame Eleonora” ?

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