Intervista esclusiva alla foodstar Jennifer Joyce

Bravissima food writer, autrice e stylist, Jennifer Joyce

ama il cibo e la sua estetica.

Ecco cosa dice di sè:

“My work is all about creating mouth watering dishes and then bringing them to life in photographs. For the past ten years I have been writing recipes and styling food for top UK magazines. Currently I contribute to BBC Good Food, Olive, M & S magazine and Tesco Real Food. Previously I’ve produced numerous features for Sainsburys, UKTV, New Woman, The Telegraph newspaper and Elle Decoration. Both sides of my work convey my love for vibrant food with bold clean tastes. Thus far I’ve written nine cookbooks and collectively they have sold over 200,000 copies in the UK, North America, Australia and Europe. Ranging from entertaining to salads, they exude the fresh ethnic flavours I’ve learned from traveling in far flung places.”

-Hi Jennifer, in your new book each recipe is ‘skinny’ and you to explain how to save time with preparations.

Do you still teach cooking classes?

“Yes, I teach at Divertimenti, in Marylebone London and also at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, based in Acton. Usually I do about one class every couple of weeks. Its very important to the work I do. The students give very candid feedback about dishes and it helps me decide which recipes are special enough for a book. “

-Do you have a specific writing process?

“I start all of my recipes on the computer, print it and then take it into the kitchen for testing. It helps you accurately test a dish versus writing scribbles on paper, which sometimes don’t make sense the next day! I’ve been writing recipes for 10 years, so I’m getting fairly good at predicting.”

-Would you rather cook, write about food, or receive?

“I love to cook and NEVER consider it a chore. Its a great feeling of accomplishment when I visualize a menu and then have it turn out perfectly. Plus, I love having friends over, having great wine and feeding everyone.”

-Do you have a favorite cuisine?

“My mother is from Italy so I would have to say Italian! Spaghetti pomodoro is always my fallback dinner.”

-Are there any foods that you don’t like?

“I’ve never been a tripe fan.”

-What kind of meal do you routinely cook at home?

“Well, I’m always testing things so we eat an enormous variety of dishes. Spaghetti pomodoro or Thai marinated salmon are weekly regulars when its my choice.”

What are your favorite holiday food memories?

I have two:
We rented a villa outside Palermo, which had a terrace overlooking the sea. The local market had amazing seafood and produce. We’d lie by the pool and then eat a late lunch like fresh grilled tuna steaks with rocket. 
Vietnam was also a favorite. We stayed overnight on a houseboat in Halong Bay, which is a mystical place just outside of Hanoi. The sea looks almost green and there are huge rocks which jut out of the water. At night we would eat amazing Vietnamese food on the roof of the boat and it was perfect.

-What is your idea of a charmed life?

“Being able to own a house in Italy as well as London! No, actually, just having great friends and family, abundant new clothes and being able to travel frequently is a charmed life.”

-Jennifer do you like my site? What do you think about “Il Galateo di Madame Eleonora” ?

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Jennifer Joyce è una delle note food writers che ha voluto con gioia essere presente nel mio libro, una donna deliziosa, positiva e creativa. Thank you Jennifer!

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