Leila Lindholm Interview ♥


 Leila Lindholm, Swedish celebrity

chef and author.


Leila Lindholm is a popular TV Chef in Sweden and she also has her own food magazine,’Leila’s Country Living’. In the UK she has been featured in Delicious and Easy Living magazines. Leila Lindholm grew up in Solna and Kummels in the inner Stockholm archipelago. She knew, early on, that it was the art of cooking that she wanted to devote herself to. She started at a restaurant school and afterwards worked in several famous restaurants in Sweden and New York. Leila has also worked as a food stylist for ads and commercials, both in Swedish and foreign food magazines. She also created a completely new type of food television in Sweden, focused on dinner tips for stressed ou. Today she works primarily in TV.


-Hi, Leila. What does it mean for you to receive with style?

My goal is always that my  guests feel welcome!

-How to organize your party with friends?

 I choose a theme, then I let the food and drinks follow that theme, for example, barbecue or Japanese.

-Formal or Informal? What do you prefer?

I just do informal parties!

-How important do you think it is teach manners to your kind?

I think children should learn common sense but you do not overdo things.

-You’re a famous food writer, in your latest book: “Hello Cupcake!” there are delicious pictures.Why did you choose to do the shooting in France?

Because I was there and worked with my TV show and it’s a fantastic environment.

-In your site: http://www.leilasgeneralstore.com/ you may also buy homewares . Where is born your passion?

I have always had a big interest in design and decor. So it seemed like a natural step to start

Leilas General Store.

-When it comes to the meals you cook for your family, do you tend to prepare things first thing in the morning, to get ahead?

No I dont.

-Does your family like to help you cook?

We enjoy cooking together. My son really likes to bake.

-I know that sweets are your passion, but what is your favorite food to cook at home?

Plain simple everyday food.

-Do you follow recipes?

Yes, my own.

-For many years you make TV Shows about food, including one in France this summer, how was the television experience in another country?

It was fun and interesting!

-What do you like about France?

The food and especially the commodities.

-What’s coming up for you?

The closest time I work full time with leila general store.

-Leila do you like my site? What do you think about “Il Galateo di Madame Eleonora” ?

I think it’s a very inspiring website with everything from recipes to fashion for women of all ages.


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